Mid- Century Modern Architecture Design

published On Feb 09 2017

Mid- Century Modern Architecture Design

Just like Fashion, Interior design recalls those trends which reflect styles of mid -20 the century. Architecture which is enjoying its revival from last decade is “Mid -century modern”. This design form is a compilation of Simplistic patterns, Clean Lines and Scandinavian Minimalism. Now known to scholars and design enthusiasts as significant design movement. Democratic design can largely be imputed to growing trend of mid-century modern which depends on five proportions namely: form, function, innovation, quality, low price, sustainability!

Homeowners are sailing smooth and renovating their homes. Architects are eagerly integrating elements of “Mid- century modern “into their projects. Builders have examined millennial as principal buyers for “Mid-century Modern “Homes.


After World War 2, drastic changes were seen in the era of American architecture. European architects and the founders of 1920 Bauhaus movement namely “Mie’s Van Der Roe”, Walter Gropius departed to the United States and brought together the simpler concepts of angular composition and clean lines. Hopefully, Mentors of Bauhaus, fused with old American architectural traditions and Frank Lloyd Wright’s Prairie School. Thus, evolved “Mid-century Modern “architecture.

But how we can identify these spaces? These are six principles which exemplify “Mid-century modern”!


Public Buildings are characterized by extended cantilevers, curved walls having flexible profiles whereas residential spaces are defined by geometric form with low sloping roofs.

Image credit: Architect Harold J. Bissner


Image credit: Mid Century Palm Springs


Image credit: A Parallel Architecture



Mid-century modern buildings are in complete contradiction to design developments of the past. They depend on balance, proportion and scale to deal with the functionality of Interior Spaces. These spaces are asymmetrical, which implies a distinct approach to these buildings, the slopes are built inside and out making sophisticated interior spaces and allowing us to examine the building from outside- Higher roofs, bedroom, higher ceiling denote public spaces whereas lower roofs signify private spaces bedroom, bathroom.

Mid-Century Modern
Texas Residence


Old 80’s load bearing walls are now abandoned, where they are replaced by horizontal beam supported by vertical steel beam or wooden column to provide strength. Moreover, external walls were made out of glass.

Mid-Century Modern Renovation & Addition



One of most important of all , the shape of these building are in accordance with “ passive design “ inspired by overly abused “Green Design “. With Innovative technology, passive design is being integrated into each and every house of this style. One of the best example happens at the roof: where well designed overhang are adjusted in such a way, that it keeps the house cooler in summers and allow sunlight in winters.

Image credit: Bloxas


Image credit: Cablik Enterprises



“Mid-century modern” homes has got open floor layout plan with kitchen, dining, living being in affinity.

Snug Harbor



These building are example of fresh architecture with outlandish details. Materials like concrete brick, exposed wood paneling, terrazzo floor complement each other in raw form dispersed in and out of building.

Image credit: Grundella Constructions

Image credit: Elías Rizo Arquitectos 



We often confuse mid-century modern architecture with modern. Have a look at comparison:

  • “It has more playful side not often seen in modernist structures.

  • It’s more artistically inclined with decorative elements, materials whereas in modern architecture we see lack of ornamentation.

  • Mostly, Indoor and outdoor have same material treatment which denotes a strong connection than those modern homes having enclosed entity.


Mid-century modern architecture has revolutionized the architectural landscape! Infact , not only our society but we can see concentrations in other places as well. Mid-century modern buildings are definitely worthy of our centralized attention and appreciation.

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