A Significant Role of "BRASS" in Futuristic Interiors

published On Feb 08 2017

Brass rails

Brass has been related mutually with Home decor since 1970's and 80's. Its Influence has always been dominant over other class of metals. Brass was exposed in many distinct applications in 1970's due its shine, lacquer and malleable properties. Mostly, if we witness some of Old French apartments or Classical Architecture, we will be obliged to remark the domination of this metal.

In the Revolutionary time of 90's, there was a significant role of other metals like Aluminum, Chrome when homeowners were seeking minimal, authentic and High Tech Environment.  As we became distant from 90's. We have discovered a new found affair in the past.  Whether it is Hand Crafted or age old items we owe, we have started adopting things with story, humor or bespoke craftsmanship to them.

As quoted by author Nate Berkus

'When you have a bunch of comfortable upholstered pieces, a single bronze or brass chair really turns the energy up." 

Brass is enjoying its resurgence since the beginning of 21st century.  It changed the perception of designers and its buyer as well. It's hot and Stylish. Essential for Home decor these days. Chandeliers, Nightstand, Home Accessories or Retail store display. Everywhere we treasure brass. Whether it’s embedded or in form of Inlay. Raw or Shiny. Folded or Beaten. It’s been on the hit list for designers, Interior Stylists for its industrial yet eclectic appeal.

Brass has some more substance to its story. Not only the trendsetter but it has a lot to do with sentiments of the people. With Increase in demand, it has gained lot more audience due to its rich look. 

There is a logic behind that this metal is being embraced in an out.  Practically, if it is implemented with fine artisanship it has the ability to convert a boredom space to an exciting arena. If you are in a mood to add extra warmth to your space then this metal is an exceptional pick. It blends well with tones of gray, teal, olive green and blue accents.


The combination of natural earthy material like wood, clean lines, a Monochromatic color scheme with some injections of brass is making a “design statement” these days.

Brass accents

Image credit: Studio Design

modern bar

Image credit: Build Inc Architects


Lighting plays a crucial role in building a long lasting impression so deciding which style will fit in your requirement can be frightening.  Whether it is an old age home or retail store, replacing those outdated fixtures is a good idea. Brass Chandeliers, Flush Mounts, Pendants are a smart investment for those looking for flashy, Luxury home décor.

ceiling vintage lamp

Image credit: DelightFull

Light Fixture

Image credit: Lindsey Adelman


How cool it would be to get your stair rail finished in brass which is rooted against concrete stairs.  Brass handle and detail with subtle grey tones in wardrobe will add more warmth to your space. Brass as a detail is the sure way to make your space stimulating yet classy.

brass rails

Image credit: Subtilitas

Brass rails

image credit: Leconfield

brass rails

Image credit:Tacoa Architects


transitional kitchen
transitional powder room


Internationally known designers like Kelly Wearstler, Tom Dixon, and Jonathan Adler are grasping brass as integral part of their collections. “History repeats itself “is the key word which indicates brass renaissance. There lot more to come, it is just beginning. Hope we maintain a long lasting affair with brass by experimenting and adding a new dimension, character to our space.  

“For 2016 we see the emerging trend towards brass and warm gold tones gathering pace and the popularity of copper, bronze and rose-colored hues continuing” – Hilary J. White, Interior Designer


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