Tips to Add Color in your Bathroom

published On Feb 07 2017

Colorful Bathroom Ideas

We rarely do experiment while planning a modern bathroom! We might go for the unique romantic bathtub designs or a really cool rainforest shower head, but color? That too in the bathroom? NO.

We stick to the same old whites or off-whites or beiges or very light tints of other colors. When there is a huge color palette available why stick to the same old? Read our favorite hacks below to get the right color pop in your bathroom.


Since it is ALL about the perfect color, you need to choose your color wisely. And it is always recommended to not overdo with colors. You want to give a cobalt blue tinge to the bathroom because you happen to love Santorini - that is perfect. But don’t do everything in cobalt blue. That is just going to make your bathroom look shabby. The idea is to find the perfect balance. How do we do that? Well choose from the options below

colorful bathrooms


The highlight wall simply refers to the one wall that is highlighted, while the others are kept relatively solid and plain. A contrast scheme is preferred here. So you can go with your favorite cobalt blue on one wall (that you need to decide, preferably the main wall where the bathing area is or the longest wall. Avoid the wall with a window opening) and keep the rest of the walls a solid white. It is going to look beautifully elegant and give you the classic Santorini feel. To complete the look, make sure to choose amazing bathroom countertops along with splendid sinks.

colorful bathroom tile

If you’re a fan of a solid color and don’t want to go in for more than one color. Then choose an accentuated wall with texture or rough finish. There is a huge variety of bathroom wall tile ideas available to give the bathroom a refreshing look, even with 3d surfaces. But remember it on just ONE wall. Keeping all your walls grey and having the main wall in accentuated grey can really add a minimalistic feel to the bathroom.

sanitary fixtures


They can do a lot more than just be functional! Most of us see sanitary fixtures ranging from whites to off-whites and that is what we use. But the times are changing. Although I am not a fan of the colored water closets, I think washbasins are a different story altogether. Various sanitary brands have launched washbasins in various beautiful colors with highly ornate designs in them. With the right slab choice and mirror frame, they can brighten up your bathroom as never before! Even the inclusion of stunning bathtub and vanity will make the bathroom look fab.

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 Bathroom decor ideas


“Mirror mirror on the wall, can you really do something to make my bathroom look better?” Of course, they can! I find mirrors to be the easiest thing to play around with when renovating your bathroom in an affordable way, especially if you don’t want to do any major changes. Drop the standard rectangular - wood framed mirrors and go quirky with new shapes. You can go with mosaic frame in multiple colors or a particular color variation with irregular or combination of shapes. Or an easier DIY to paint the frames in patterns.

Bathroom accent mirrors
colorful bathrooms


Plants in ceramic, glass or terracotta vases/pots can make a dull bathroom look interesting. Climbers can also be used, but you need to be very clear about the location. If you have a large slab then plants look great there. A separate vanity unit or a window sill is also a preferred location. But try to avoid too many or it can look cluttered. While considering the type of plants, avoid the ones with foliage because they will dirty your bathroom and require a lot of maintenance. If you're into a low maintenance, artificial plants can also be an option.

bathroom accessories


Yes! Flooring gives an instant lift to the bathroom. If you’re not a big fan of bold colors, try pastels in geometric prints for flooring. A solid colored flooring works well too, but you need to consider the size of the bathroom. Very dark colors of flooring can make the bathroom seem smaller. Browse through a huge array of patterned tiles in beautiful colors to know what is the best for you!

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colorful bathroom floor tile

The colors that favor bathrooms range from dark browns to grey to greens. The rest can also be considered but they require a lot of thinking. Neon yellows can be done with accessories keeping everything else in the bathroom white. Red is another hot favorite and looks the best behind the mirror or the wall on which light walls.

colorful bathroom designs

The bottom line with bathroom design is that it should look clean, ALL THE TIME. The aesthetics and planning should be done accordingly. Always aim for simple and elegant finishes, although I strongly urge you to experiment to find the perfect balance. But remember not to overdo or clutter, because that can later cause problems during cleaning or while using the bathroom.

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