5 Easy Hacks To Make Your Living Room Bigger AND Better!

published On Feb 07 2017

5 Easy Hacks To Make Your Living Room Bigger AND Better!

Everyone would love to have the beautiful living rooms that gets featured in magazines. We often look at those images and think if it is possible to make our own living room look like that?! I'm here to tell you that you can! Two identical rooms can look totally different depending on how they are treating. It usually depends on a few critical aspects like lighting, colours, furniture layouting. Even certain prints and patterns can make or break your living room. Read below my five easy home decor hacks to make your space look bigger and better than before!

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Color - Living Room Designs

Let's face it, color is a major game changer in how our living room or for the matter any room is going to lol like. Without doubt, lighter colors add more space to any room. That's a standard rule, and you can for shades of whites, off whites, mild yellow and similar lighter colors without getting worried. But if that sounds to dull for you, you can try artistic wallpapers in lighter colours. They beautifully light up your room and a unique aura to it. Since they look like stand alone piece of art, you can avoid excessive decor items. If you're a big fan of darker colors like blues, green ( which by the way is the major trend predicted for 2018!) or reds- you should try to incorporate light The arrangement furniture and decor accessories to balance out. Avoid heavy patterns in furnishings.

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Light - Living Room Light Fixtures

Light can do wonders to your room. It can instantly brighten up your area and make it seem bigger. A well-lit space has an “airy quality” about it. Make sure to highlight the windows in your living room. You would often find clean glass and minimalistic styled windows without any heavy frame or ornamentations. Never use a affects glass for your windows as it can lend a dull ambience to the interiors. Mirrors are also an interesting way to light up your room as they reflect light, they can be used if you do not have large windows. You can try using a mirror on a central wall so that it adds as a decor piece for the wall as well as light, or you can try for small framed mirror pieces and put them in a pattern to create a big one. This depends on the room size and other home decor accessories. But try not to over-do mirrors as excessive light can be uncomfortable.

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Living Room Furniture

Minimalistic furniture is the key to making your space seem bigger. Their simple clean lines add a clutter free sense to any space. However, if you like classic furniture like baroque style lounge chairs, then be careful with the other decor items. Or try to mix and match a few styles in a subtle way instead of buying everything highly ornate with detailing. Chose one piece that can serve as a focal point, and add other furniture items accordingly. One important to consider is to install wall mounted furniture. Wall mounted shelves or T.V unit will give you more space as compared to free-standing ones.

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Indoor Plants

A few potted plants kept at strategic points in sync with the layout of your area can instantly make your area look less congested. Avoid big leafy plants or too many plants at a stretch. Go for small potted plants in pairs. Preferably indoor plants include spider plants, aloe vera, rubber plants, etc. They can be used with a free standing wall to add an element of interest or in a corner. Depending upon the area where you are planning to put the plant, you will have to decide the type- whether space would benefit with a big leaf short plant, or a tall thin leaf plant, etc. Also, pay attention to the colour of the leaf, a dark green leaf plant will look amazing with a white background wall. Try to aim for such combinations. But also keep in mind the complete image of your living room, everything should complement each other. Even the plants!

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Living Room layout

Arrangement of items in the room affect the quality of the space. To make a space seem bigger, avoid any heavy furniture at the entrance to the room. How a person perceives space from the entrance of the room matters a great deal. Take down any unnecessary wall in the room, try to incorporate dining spaces or kitchen with the living room. An open plan always makes any area look spacious. You do not need to make major changes for this. Even removing unnecessary doors can make a space look bigger. Try to make the same pattern flow in your living area towards the adjacent area. Seamless wall patterns and floor finishes can also play a role in ”opening up” the space!

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