5 Unusual Lighting Strategies That Work Wonders

5 Unusual Lighting Strategies That Work Wonders

A lighting strategy is either a deal maker or a deal maker. Working your way around with some artificial light fixtures can be a task. And when you have such brilliant innovations cropping up time and again, why stick to the usual lighting methodologies.

Go all out, make a statement, make heads turn and go green with envy. Adapt to a rather sassy way to bring in some yellow delights in your home with these ideas. We are sure that you are not going to look back and repent. Presenting a colossal variety of great designs that you’d want to steal right away. Get, set and go!

Upbeat and Catchy Accent Lighting

Ever wondered what to do with all the junk stored in your basement or your garage? You could always turn it up into a pieces of art that would be well admired  as a home decor art or an accent piece in the office. Let a beauty hang down from your ceiling working both as an artwork installation and a lighting fixture. You’d be surprised at the eyes this one gets.


accent lighting

Some Fancy Shenanigans Lighting for the Kitchens

Quirk up your kitchen utensils with this stunning idea. It is pleasant looking and so appropriate to delicate adorn the walls of your kitchen. Functionality and aesthetics never looked so beautiful together. You could even do this with graters in different sizes. What a tantalising twist to kitchen utensils!

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Interior Lighting - The Bulb Effect

Bulbs in the house are one of the most carried out and boring ways to add spunk. But you can always turn this around in your favour. Enhance the character of bulbs by using them in a chic fashion. This will not only elevate the mood of an enclosure but also change its aura. Absolutely in love with this pick. Your living room will make for a great canvas for this piece.

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Interior Lighting

From Lazy to Lustrous Light Fixtures

We understand how your rooms must speak your language and carry your identity. You have your favourite corner in your room and you might just want to add a special touch to it. What better way to do it than adding some lights to it. Add this décor tip to your reading corner, TV unit or your side table space to make the entire area stand out. This has got to be the star of the show!


light fixtures

Outdoot Light Fixtures For Those Outdoor Gardens

We focus so much on our interiors that outhouses and lawns become neglected parts of our everyday life. Bring some life to these areas by showing them some care with this eccentric lighting idea. Convert logs into lighting bollards and recreate a fairytale!


Outdoor Light Fixtures

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And an example of one such video uploaded on our Youtube channel


Unusual Lighting Strategies That Work Wonders Creative Lighting Strategies That Work Wonders Unique Lighting Strategies For Interiors Unusual Lighting Strategies For Your Homes

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