5 Tricks To Enhance Your AutoCad Experience

published On Jan 22 2017

5 Tricks To Enhance Your AutoCad Experience

For all of us design techies, AutoCad is a working Bible. We live by it, we work by it and we swear by it. Sometimes it gives us a real pain and we wish we had certain tricks up our sleeves to magically make the problems disappear. If that’s the case then you are in the right spot, my friend! We have some ways that can turn your entire AutoCad experience around.


Embrace the Mighty Align Tool

This tool is a bomb dropped from the sky. It certainly is a hidden gem. Now, you do not need to move, scale and rotate your object natively. You can do it all in one go with the power of the Align tool.




Do Away With Re-typing MText

It is often annoying when you need to retype the entire text only because you forgot to hit the Caps Lock key on your keyboard. With this small adjustment, you can bid farewell to such instances. All you need to do is select the text and right like on the ‘Change Case’ option in the editor. Voila! You're done.


How About ‘Oops’

This is, undoubtedly, one of the most fun commands. It can save the day and unnecessary hassles when you need to undo some erased bits. Go for this command when you want to bring back erased objects keeping the last few edits intact. Magical, isn't it?



It Is Time For Some ‘Overkill’

Honestly, ever since I got my hands on this command, I have been in love! Handy and functional, this command is the game changer. Sometimes we’re just too lazy to notice the amount of duplicate objects we create or the times we over-write on certain parts in our drawings. Overkill enables us to get rid of all these discrepancies in a uniform fashion, making our work easier and our final output more desirable. Way to go, Overkill!


Working With The Hatch Tool

With heavy and complex files, working with the hatch tool can prove to be frustrating. Your boundaries are not in place, the cursor freezes, AutoCad stops responding- these are just some of the horror stories that make you lose the drawing file. One easy way to define closed boundaries is by using the Polyline tool and then deleted it once the hatch is complete. You may also want to break down larger hatch areas into smaller ones by dividing them to prevent your screen from freezing.


Now that you are aware of these little tricks, try them the next time you work on your beloved project. We assure you that your work experience is going to be easier and more comfortable using these hacks. Be prepared to produce impeccable drawings without the usual mood swings that AutoCad put you through. Good Luck, mates!

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