7 Awesome Wallpaper Tips for your Dream Home

published On Jan 22 2017

7 Awesome Wallpaper Tips for your Dream Home

f you want to give your home a quick makeover without having to spend significant time and effort, look no further than trendy and quirky wallpapers. Durable and easy to clean, passé wallpapers have resurrected themselves and certainly made it big in our contemporary homes with their intricate patterns, vibrant colours and stunning designs. They are completely en vogue and can add a zing to our home interiors instantly.  Here are few quick tips to paper your walls like a dream!


Classic Vintage

Celebrate the bygone era with timeless paisley printed wallpapers that will certainly be the conversation starter in any formal or informal gathering. You can also go for other timeless classics like batik prints, block prints or even tribal inspired themes for a complete makeover. Accentuate the rest of the walls in softer pastel shades to let the traditional wallpaper outshine the remaining surroundings with élan!



South Miami

Dainty Floral Wallpaper

If you like all things mush, then floral wallpapers are sure to appeal to you with their decorative flower motifs, intricate petal detailing and bright colour palettes. Opt for floral wallpapers against solid, plain tone surroundings to give a cheerful look to your rooms without the impression of being too loud.
Traditional Dining Room

Ink Spill Textured Mural Wallpaper

If floral is too mushy for you, try giving an artistic effect to your modern home wall décor with a splash of ink! Sophisticated and upscale, ink spill textured wallpapers are the latest rage in home decorating schemes with their soft and minimalist colour palette and are the perfect backdrops for the creative corners of your home.



Foil Wallpaper

Add a touch of bling and oomph to you walls with metallic foil wallpapers that are sure to flutter hearts with their brilliant gold and silver tones. Rich and regal, they can lift your home decor style quotient by several notches. They might be a tad expensive but their brightness and supreme aura will surely drive your pocket blues away.



Theme Wallpaper

If you want to lend a touch of sophistication and originality to your walls, then theme wallpaper is the undisputed favourite. Popular with the nonconformists, they can be tweaked to echo your personality and innermost thoughts with panache and stateliness!



Model home bedroom

3D Embossed Wallpaper

They are feisty and eclectic and are sure to grab all attention with their unusual themes, embossed look and dramatic feel. Available in myriad themes like kid friendly patterns, nature, wild life, modern art etc. that mirror your current fervour, 3D embossed wallpapers add depth and intrigue to your rooms.  They have certainly changed the way wallpapers were perceived earlier with creativity at its very best!



dimensional wall paper

Geometric Printed Wallpaper

If you want to lend your rooms a modern outlook with distinctive background, then your search ends with bold and dynamic geometric wallpapers that are a visual delight. They are quite popular with those who prefer a retro and eccentric look in their house surroundings. Best suited for mid-century styled houses, they should be used sensibly in small-sized rooms as they can easily overpower the environment with their pulsating feel and dramatic look.



Bold & Colorful Powder Room

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