Bedroom Makeover with Minimalistic Interiors

Bedroom Makeover with Minimalistic Interiors

Bedroom is the most personal and intimate space. It defines the personality of the occupants. One should give way to their ideas while designing their bedroom. One of the decorating genres popular these days is minimalism. Having a minimalistic bedroom is a good idea, as it is simple yet chic, clumsy yet sophisticated, done in monotones or contrasting tones. Minimalism is defined by clean lines bringing in order and cleanliness to space, complementary tones and elegant accents. This genre of design is about portraying oneself in the least possible manner in a space, conforming to the ‘Less is more’ concept of Mies Van der Rohe. While designing a bedroom minimalistic-ally one should keep the following points in mind –

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To follow the minimalistic paradigm, the bedroom should follow clear and linear lines. Gentle curves should be introduced in furniture, lighting design or accessories. The curved geometry is introduced essentially to break the monotony of the room or adding a character to it.  

geometry while bed design

Windows and Blinds

The windows as an element of space could be judiciously designed in a way to give the minimalistic effect. For the same, one can have full-length windows – floor to ceiling; with metallic or uPVC sections holding a clear glass. This helps in inviting the natural light and the room starts to feel airy and open. When in need of privacy one can have solid coloured blinds for the windows. Blinds are much neater when compared to curtains and help in maintaining the sleek and clean look of the room.  To follow the minimalistic genre, one should abstain from using blinds or curtains made out of bold prints.

windows and blinds

Image credit: Fulcrum Structural Engineering

Colours and textures

The general air about minimalistic colour brings in the palette of white, grey and black, as the base. The three colours look elegant in themselves, but a dash of bright colours can be used tastefully to create a lively contrast. Both white and grey are neutral colours and have good reflectance, thus making the room bright. The contrasting colours should be judiciously chosen. Whilst, bright colours add life to space, not more than two colours should be used in a room. Apart from colours, natural finishes can also be considered, for instance, wooden finish, concrete finish, textile weave finish etc. Contrast can even be created by means of using textures, for example, the floor could be done in wooden texture, while, the wall is done in a concrete finish or finished in exposed brickwork. The one thing to keep in mind is that the textures should be devoid of ornamentation.

Apart from wall, floor and ceiling colours, plants can also help amalgamating colour organically in a minimalistic setup. The choice of colour for the accessories also play a role in the space. Like, the colour of carpet should be coordinated with the colour of throw pillows, or, with the fabric of the easy chair. This helps in creating a balance.


wall floor ceiling colors


modern bedroom
modern bedroom


Accent Wall

The accent wall in the bedroom serves as the focal wall and is generally the bed wall. Though it is totally the designer’s choice to treat the bed wall or any other wall in the room as the accent wall. The accent wall could be done using a textured surface such as wood panels, concrete panels, exposed brick etc. or could be done using a solid contrasting colour.

Apart from treating the wall with colour or texture, the wall could house a focal artwork or could be decorated using lighting (for instance, using cove lights to create and light up the patterns).


accent wall

Image credit: Goldfish Interiors



Light is one of the important aspects of a minimalistic space. Space should be designed in a manner to be able to induce more natural light into the space, by means of large window openings, sheer curtains, light or neutral colours for the surface etc.

Apart from the natural light, artificial lighting is also an important part in accentuating a minimalistic space. It can be done by means of lighting scones, fixtures, ceiling lights and pendant lights, used in a varied number of permutations and combinations. A feel of rugged industrial lighting can also be used. This can be done by simply hanging a group of filament bulbs in a corner of the room or low wattage bulbs near one of the bed sides.

natural light
bedroom design ideas



The furniture should be kept to the minimum. A check should be kept on the number of wardrobes and dressers. One should go in for visually light furniture pieces. Instead of putting a sofa set, one can go in for poufs or easy chairs. The colour of the furniture should also be in accordance with the colour theme of the room.


Image credit: Neumann Mendro Andrulaitis Architects LLP


Bed and Beddings

One should choose a bed with a simple frame or devoid of any frame. The bed should be free of clutter caused due to a large number of pillows and cushions. The bed should be simply done, with only the required number of pillows and just a few throw pillows to add a hint of colour or variance. Along with the bed, the side tables should have less of open surfaces to avoid the table to turn into a storage section. The floating or cantilevered bed side tables are also preferred to increase the floor area and the visual space. The Beddings should be towards neutral or if one goes in for a coloured bedding, it should be in clear contrasting colours with the minimalistic environment of the room.

bed and beddings

Image credit: New Mood Design LLC

bed and beddings


The artwork should not be scattered in the room on all the walls. It is preferable that a single wall is used for artwork display in a room, which also helps in creating a focus. The idea of covering every wall with some artwork is quite in opposition to the idea of minimalism.  So, one can either use the wall to display a huge canvas on the wall or may be a collage of similar sized artworks, with single coloured simple frames. One should resist from filling up the walls completely with artwork.

artwork in wall
beach style bedroom


Besides the essentials, the additional accessories should be kept to a minimum or should be chosen in a manner that they conform to minimalism. Like, the rugs should only be used if required, otherwise, they occupy a lot of visual space. If required, the selection of rugs should be in a manner that goes with the texture of the floor and other elements of the room.

accessories in bedroom


So, to create a minimalistic bedroom one should indeed follow the principle of ‘less is more’. To begin with, one should concentrate on the essentials and then start building on it. In an attempt to design the bedroom minimalistically one should not forget – one, the factor of coziness and comfort; second, the choice of elements that reflects upon the personality of the person occupying the room.



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