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published On Jan 14 2017

be an architect

The sun never knew how great it was until it hit the side of a building


I really cannot find a word that can sum up architecture, but the line quoted above by LI Kahn is close to what architecture really is! It is diverse yet specific, monumental yet compact, personal yet global and most importantly it is surrounding everyone!

I could list innumerable reasons why architecture is an amazing profession, but I’m going to narrow it down to my top 10. As you go along reading this article you will realize that architecture as a field touches many other areas and is intricately woven into the social fabric of the society. So, it will tap into a lot qualities that you posses rather than just one as it is an amalgamation of sorts.


Passion for buildings and spaces

Winston Churchill said a very powerful line in his speech once, “We shape our buildings, and afterwards, they shape us.” As architects, we play a major role in shaping cities at both micro and macro level. If you are influenced by the ever changing environment and want to play a role in steering it towards a healthier and sustainable future, then your future is here.

passion for buildings and spaces

Image credit: Hut Architecture


Link between people and culture

Every space has a unique quality and is a reflection of people who occupy it and their culture. Architecture is affected by the continuous interaction of people, religion, economy, cultural beliefs climate and geographies. Understanding these factors, improves the quality and functionality of architecture around us.

link between people and culture

Image credit: Knott Architects


It gives you choice to be an expert or know a little bit of everything

There is so much in architecture, one could never learn it all. Naturally, a lot of architects prefer to specialize into a field that appeals to them- it could be sustainability, planning, vernacular architecture, heritage conservation or facade designing among many others. Due to the nature of the profession, architects also happen to know a little bit of everything. This is because construction of a building is a team effort, and you are dealing with a variety of people from various fields.

expert of everything

Image credit: Flickr/runneralan


It all lies in the details

Architects are very detail oriented. They would stop and look at buildings, appreciate minute details that a person from another profession would probably not realize. Each new project has a plethora of possibilities. It would involve extensive research, new technologies and their understanding. And thus would start a day full of detailing and designing to the very last element.

architects details

Image credit: Plan N Design


The satisfaction to see your work

One of the best part of being an architect is that you actually get to see the fruits of your labour. The continuous work months, meetings ,end moment changes and hectic schedules finally pay off to an amazing built structure. Designing is a very exhilarating process, no doubt, but it is only a part of architecture. Designing is followed by on site construction activities, after which we finally see the building. The architecture industry has a wide array of professionals with very unique and individualistic creativity. This is reflected in the different types of buildings we find around us.

architect efforts

Image credit: hireavanow.com


Creative designing and constant evolving

We get the freedom to design, showcase our creativity. But just to clear out a myth, we are not artists; Architects have to look into a lot of technical details, building technology and on site construction activities. The limits in designing are endless, and that is what makes it exciting. There is no fixed route one has to take to find a solution to a problem. Every solutions is unique and has its own possibilities. During the designing process architects are never rigid and keep a flexible mind to find the best possible solution. That is why designing is considered an evolving process. There is always scope for improvement!

creative designing and constant evolving

Image credit: Flickr/bobarc


Social and environmental impact

Architecture is significant in our daily lives and has an inherent ability to touch everybody’s lives because of the way it is integrated in the social and economic fabric of the society. The dynamics in architecture are constantly changing, this is because of the ever changing nature of the society and because of it the environment. Architecture can greatly improve the quality of life, and make way for a better world for the coming generation.

social and environmental impact

Image credit: 6a architects

Architects are respected

Architects are often held in high esteem by the society. This is because of the nature of their work, which has shaped cities, improved socio-economic and environmental conditions, and steered us towards a better living. For a long time, architecture has achieved near-universal recognition as a noble pursuit and continues to do so now.

architects are respected

Image credit: Archi Fied

Architecture becomes a part of you life

It has been rightly said that architecture becomes a lifestyle and not just a profession. Unconsciously also, architects often tend to think about spaces, built structures, lighting and similar things. It is almost all the time. We look for architecture in everything, from movies, books, to advertisement even at weddings- literally everywhere.

architecture becomes a part of life

Image credit: Architecture


Career longevity

I have never heard of an architect retire. Most of the Renowned architects are still involved in their firms post the age of retirement, it could be Raj Rewal, BV Doshi or Norman Foster to name a few. Architects just get better with experience and that is probably why they practice for as long as they are able to.

career longetivity

Image credit: Architects 2 Zebras


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