How to become a Freelancer Architect

published On Jan 12 2017

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Freelancing is fast picking up pace as the new platform for designers, artists, illustrators and architects to earn money. With numerous platforms available online, it has never been easier to start your freelancing career. You could be an amateur fresh out of college or an experienced person looking to work independently in the comfort of your house-freelancing gives you the ultimate freedom to use your skill and earn a living.

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But before you start, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Read below and get ready to enter the world of freelance architecture-:

Find your niche

There is a huge diversity of freelance work available online; from the remodeling of a restaurant to designing of food trucks and furniture. That does not mean you get greedy and try to apply for all the freelance work! There is a high possibility that you might get rejected. Many times, people look for freelancers who are an expert in the particular field. So if you're good at residential architecture, specify it. That will earn you brownie points. If you have added skills like 3D floor plans, rendering or furniture details, specify that too!


Never stop researching. Designing is a fast-paced field. There are constant product launches. When you freelance, it is important to stay up to date with the latest trends and materials because there is a chance that the person offering you work would have done a little background research and might want a new material that has been recently launched in the market. 

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Where to freelance your work

Getting your first freelance project can be tricky. This has been made a whole lot simpler by various online platforms like houzz, upwork, etc. These platforms connect freelancers to the buyer without any hassles. They are mostly similar in the functioning with a few differences here and there. Find out for yourself which one works the best for you. My favorite freelancing websites are upwork, cocontest, fiverr, houzz, guru and peopleperhour.

Creating profiles on online platforms

All online freelancing platforms require you to make a profile. This is the main factor that will help you get your initial projects. Make a complete profile with your profile image. Add your portfolio or previous works so that it is easier for people to know your skill set and choose you. Some of these websites also have an option of adding your Behance or Linkedin URL. Remember to put all honest information about your work and skills because it might put you in a bad light if you are found with inferior skills and the person might rate your skills poor.

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Quality is the key

 Quality of your work is the deciding factor to the growth of your freelancing work. It is initially difficult to get the first project. But once you get that, then your freelancing work kicks off. This, of course, depends on how well you did your previous work. Recommendations from your client boost your profile and help to increase traffic to your profile. 


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Spread the word!

The age-old miracle of getting more work! Tell everyone that you're freelancing. On the online platform as well as otherwise. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are common platforms used to advertise such skills. Make your pages highlighting your previous work and give your contact details too! Blogging is another powerful tool to advertise about your skills. 

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