10 Affordable Ways To Decorate Your HOME

published On Dec 13 2016

10 Affordable Ways To Decorate Your HOME

“Your space is what defines you”, goes a popular saying. Privy to many private moments, a house is an extension of our personality and it is no surprise that we long to decorate this precious abode as tastefully as we can, leaving a legacy behind that will be appreciated and spoken highly of, long after we are gone.

If you are looking to purchase a house and are confused on the interior front, then fret no more as we have few simple tricks off our shelves that are sure to turn your new house into an artistic heaven!

Quirky Cushions

Never underestimate the power of these beautiful cuties peeping at you from a corner. A definitive piece in every household, you can pick up bright and chirpy cushion covers with catchy phrases, psychedelic and geometric prints or even Bollywood or Hollywood inspired themes.

Image credit: Flickr/Seosuvankar


Trendy Mirrors

Add an artistic touch to your house with a fancy embellished mirror. A must-have, mirrors have long outgrown their importance from a multipurpose beauty object to an alluring style statement. Oval, rectangular or abstract shaped, they look gorgeous in any form and size.

Image credit: Barlis Wedlick Architects, Hudson River Studio


Pendant Lights

Pendant lights are the latest fashion fads that are soaring high on the popularity charts with their understated elegance and classy appeal. Keep the surroundings minimal and let these suspended beauties be the center of attraction for your rooms.

Image credit: Flickr/lynnfriedman


Majestic Wall Clocks

Time stands still when you look at them. Trendy, artistic, androgynous, analog or digital, wall clocks add character to your house interiors and have made a grand comeback with eclectic patterns that enhance the look of your rooms instantly. 

Image credit: Aliexpress


Abstract Book Shelves 

Book shelves have re-invented themselves and how!  Think of any possible shape and you have one handy.  A perfect way to flaunt your amazing collection of books while adding a sense of uber chic to your house!

Image credit: Dude Living


Metal Mania

Metallica is the hot flavour for the season and bling is in. Capable of giving a retro and a modern look to your interiors, metallic colours like Gold, Silver, Copper, Brass, Chrome etc. are the rage and why not!

Image credit: Flickr/techie07


Modular Kitchens

Modular kitchens are a blessing for new age homemakers who have limited spaces, time constraints and are always on the go. Fully equipped with multipurpose cabinets, drawers and racks, they create a sense of space and are quintessential for a sleek and aesthetic cooking space.

Image credit: Zigshot82


Stunning Bathrooms

Urban bathrooms are much more than being just another room and are often the focal point, during a real estate purchase. Experiment with luxurious wallpapers, spacious shower cubicles, bewitching shower curtains and ornate lighting to turn this once neglected room into a masterpiece!

Image credit: Bradley Bayou Design


Sustainable Designs

If you thought that eco-friendly designs were only meant for the traditionalists, it’s time to re-think and re-discover swank house decor with recyclable and reusable interiors like reclaimed wood paneling that will give your house a posh edge over conventional homes.


Rustic Office Reception Area  


Blend Outdoors with Indoors

Create an artistic aura in your living room or bathroom with beautiful potted plants. They reduce bad odour, clean your indoor air and bring positive energy to your surroundings. Go Green it is!

Miami condo

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