Outdoor Kitchens: A new Approach

published On Aug 14 2016

Outdoor Kitchens: A new Approach


With the young population buying independent houses for their stay, contemporaries design ideas are coming into the market to cater to their eclectic tastes. Youngsters at large like to entertain friends at home and host parties for them. In such a scenario kitchen designs have to keep pace with the requirements. If someone is a compulsive party person and he likes to host parties at home, then he will do well to install an outdoor kitchen. Outdoor kitchens give many benefits that are not provided by indoor ones. First, outdoor kitchens obviate the requirement of a chimney for your exhaust air from the grill or gas stove. Second, they allow families to cook together, thus fostering bonhomie among the members. They also allow the family to hold picnic like entertaining events at home. An outdoor kitchen does not require fancy furniture and equipment. In addition, an outdoor kitchen lets you create a second kitchen in one’s home, which can be used in times of emergency. Additionally, an outdoor kitchen may use the naturally occurring topographical features as furniture items. 


Outdoor Kitchen/Loggia

Tips on planning your outdoor kitchens

Although outdoor kitchens originated in the Southwest,  now they are commonly found all over the world. Preparing and enjoying meals outdoors has become more common with the average age of people becoming younger. This lot prefers entertaining a large number of guests and holding lavish parties. The ones, who like cooking, hold such parties at home with their friends gathered around them. These friends will also gather around the host when he or she is cooking or heating food for the guests. Therefore having an outdoor kitchen will prove advantageous in such situations. This was how outdoor kitchens became famous.

Outdoor Kitchen

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The question uppermost in one’s mind is how difficult is it to design an outdoor kitchen. Every remodeling project whether for an outdoor kitchen or the home requires adequate planning. If planning is absent, the room will look disproportionate and out of place. Installing an outdoor kitchen is not an easy task and therefore, advice should be sought from many experts. The most important activity is to coordinate between the architect designing the building and the interior designer planning the interiors. It is necessary that the outdoor kitchen should be proportionate to the rest of the house and, therefore, it is important to delegate the work to expert designers. 


Outdoor living retreat in Charlotte NC


Apart from planning and designing, selecting the things to be kept in the outdoor kitchen is also important. Normally, those items are selected which require an exhaust outlet. Such items are an oven and a cooking grill. One can also include a mixer grinder and a small cabinet apart from a small table as furnishing items. The cabinet can hold small things needed in the kitchen while operating the oven and the cooking grill and the mixer grinder can be used while cooking. Some people also put their washing machines in their outdoor kitchens so that the wash water can be disposed of outside without much hassle. 


Outdoor Kitchen

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Thus, we have seen that with innovation in interior design concepts, novelties like an outdoor kitchen, modular kitchens and standing kitchens are becoming commonplace. A well-planned outdoor kitchen can offer many benefits that an internal kitchen cannot. Barbecues, grills, pizza ovens become a possibility in outdoor kitchens. Therefore, outdoor kitchens are beneficial.


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