The More The World Is Growing Technology Is Getting Even Better

published On Aug 08 2016

Future is a packet of unexpected gifts and as time passes by the present enfolds its mystery slowly and steadily. The same is with the latest technologies that have come up slowly and after years of practise and perfection for a better tomorrow. These technologies help you get the best of your interior, architectural and construction work. These are developed by many skilled professionals and some of them have given up their entire life in the development of these technologies so that we can witness a better technological tomorrow. 

Here are a few technological innovations made in the field of interior and architecture that will force any good old being to give bring round of applause for its blissful innovation.




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This is an amazing fabric that severs safety as its prime importance. Well, this is a stupendous technology that is taken from the normal shoes that we use in our daily life. This works in the same way but by providing a sleek and minimal style of flooring for those who want safe flooring for their home and office.

Fungus as decorative

Concrete cement

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Yes, even fungus can be used in for constructing purposes and how is that so? Actually that is the mystery of technology.  This is a product that is under strict research but when it comes to action it can ensure to bring attractive piece of work and the main criteria used is that the fungi that goes for this process show come up with strong binding capacity.  The natural occurring part of fungi stated as mycelium forms a hard form that attaches it with the materials that surrounds it. The research is not yet completed and there are many more detailing yet to be done.


Electroactive Polymer

Concrete cement

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This is a great technological innovation that was taken up by a team of researchers which made from Polymers or endless stands of plastic.  The innovation part is that this plastic starts to change its volume when it comes in contact with the normal electric charge and that is where it gets its name and is hence recognized as electroactive polymer. There are further research work going on this technology and its developers are trying to blend this fibre with morphine so that it can be better utilized for aircrafts too. 


Hollow sphere structures

Concrete cement

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These are nothing but the spherical structures that are quite flexible.  These structures have opened the window towards several innovative structures that could be only dreamt of. The best part of these structures is that they are not rigid at all and are almost 70% lighter than any other solid form of material.

At last, these developing technologies is only a simple part of the small developing world we have come a long way is this field and still have miles to go. After all the world is full of endless possibilities all we need to do is to explore it step by step.

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