The Latest Materials That Have Made A Steaming Mark In The Field Of Interior And Construction

published On Aug 08 2016

There is a plethora of material that has made a growing benchmark in the world of interior designing. Some of them excelled to bring up a lingering mark of each and every interior designer who uses them. These refreshing materials have been destined for protracted results that no other material can provide in this field.


Ultra high powerful concrete

Concrete cement

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This innovation has led to a remarkable change in the field of architectural designing and structures. As this cement is capable of providing high yielding results without the addition of much additives which are generally required when one is using the same old cement hence the gross cost can come down to 30% and it even has the ability to reduce CO2 which acts as a boon in disguise.


Developed Thermoplastics

Concrete cement

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It is popularly known the strength of a material can be drastically increased by aligning it with stronger materials with good properties. The same story is with thermoplastics where the plastics are reinforced. This plastic dribbles up with perfected machinery and prides for its strength and adaptability.


Wooden part of coconuts


Concrete cement

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This is an authentic material that has grabbed its place in the latest trend setting materials. The wooden matter of coconut can be used for any purpose that you want from attractive pieces of architectures to flooring designing and much more. This is a versatile material and is preferred to provide the right balance of beauty and elegancy to any normal style as it adds that extra charm of speciality to your work.  Hence it brings you back close to nature.


Bioplastics made from polylatic acid

Concrete cement

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This material was found in 1930 but did not make it way through the market back then. This plastic is quite a revolution in the field of normal plastics that brings sustainable results. The use of this plastic requires additives which acts a drawback for this material.  Overall when its true utility came to lime light then many people finally started its large scale production to gain good results.



Concrete cement

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This material is based on wood can be used to make astounding flooring and detailing just the way you like it. It was launched lately in 2008 and still breathes a fresh life into the heart of your house and offices.  This is a light weight material can be used many more conventional purposes like one can even project films on this material and enjoy seamlessly.

Overall the big picture shows that there is a huge technological drift that has taken over the materials that we utilize for the purpose. Now the aim is towards better productivity, eco friendliness, and of course desired look too which was quite common during earlier days when the true way of judging any material was mainly from its touch or looks but know the knowledge about specified materials even matters that helps us to compare them in a much better and easier way.

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