Wonderful Ideas to Use Mirror to Make your Space Bigger

8 Wonderful Ideas to Use Mirror to Make your Space Bigger

Did you know the inclusion of mirrors in interior design can never look outdated if being used in the  right way. In fact, it adds in depth right into the interiors and also creates an illusion of more space. But for achieving the right effect, the key is to not overuse the mirrors throughout the space as it will just take away the charm whereas the minimal  addition of  mirrors will not bring in the effect that you’re are looking for.

Moreover, while introducing mirrors into the home, make sure to pay attention on the size, style  and shape of the mirror.  As well as everything that would be placed with and around the mirror. And here I am listing out various such wonderful ideas, that you could try out right away to transform your home in minutes.

Mirrors For The Long Narrow Foyer

If your homes entrance door  open to a small  foyer area, instead of the living rooms, then this would be first place where you could introduce the mirrors! The addition of the mirror here will just make the space look fab! Just opt for a wall mounted mirror and team it with an entryway table or a table with storage. You could further adorn the mirror by the addition of a table lamp or a planter to create a warm and inviting entryway.

Mirrors For The Long Narrow Foyer

Mirror On The Ceiling

Mirrors can look good on the ceiling as well! Especially in the living rooms, dining area and in the passages of your house floor plan. But make sure to team it well with elegant light fixtures, wall to ceiling panels and so on as the mere installation of glass as the part of ceiling design would end up looking cold.

Living Room With Mirror Ceiling Design

Huge Mirror In The Dining Room

Placing the mirror in the dining room, could create an illusion of more space in the small dining room. And I would recommend you to opt for that large mirrors if you have a stairway behind as it would instantly create an illusion of a much broader and open space.

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Dining Room Interior With Huge Mirror

Mirrors As Kitchen Backsplash

The installation of a glass backsplash in a kitchen would actually make the kitchen look larger than it is. And also glass tends to even give a simple, ordinary kitchen look elegant. Moreover, adding in undercabinet lights along, would bring in luxurious feel to the kitchen interiors.

Modern Kitchen design with Mirror Backsplash

Mirror In The Bedroom

The addition of mirrors in the bedroom has always been a debatable topic as the concept of bringing in mirrors in bedroom is avoided according to both vastu shastra and feng shui.

But just in case you are keen to add in large mirrors, be it on wardrobes or  on the wall behind the bed, it would definitely make the bedrooms look glammed up and can make any small space look spacious right away!

Modern Bedroom Design

Mirror For The Stairway Landing

The stairways of the home looks dull and dingy most of the times and needs to be adorned as well. Though we  focus more on the walls of the stairway, but it is equally important to adorn the landing  of the stairway as well. And with the availability of various decorative mirrors, large or small,  one could easily achieve any look they wish for.

You may either opt for simple circular hanging mirror design or opt for a full wall mirror, the point is to make the unattended stairway look broader and alluring.

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A beautiful console with mirror

Mirror For The Nook!

Just in case you have a corner in the living cum dining room, that you find weird and dont know what exactly could be done to the space, this is when at most of the time, mirrors can work as a big time savior!

If you are an entertainers and love throwing out parties, a home bar unit  is something that you could include. And even the smallest of the nook can look amazing with the use of mirrors. In fact, the mirror would instantly make the bar unit look more spacious and deep. Just make sure to add in cabinet lighting as this would turn the simple nook look splendid!

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Home Bar Design Nook

Mirrors In Small Balcony

Do you have a small balcony? Worry not, with the inclusion of mirrors you could double up any tiny balcony instantly. To further enhance the look of the balcony along with the indoor plants you could get the wall paneling done such as the bamboo design wall paneling or opt for the installation of jalis. And make sure to add in lovely lanterns and creative lights to complete the look.

Lovely terrace design

So these are the places where you could use the mirrors other than the bathrooms and the bedrooms. Do try it out as even this inexpensive addition could turn your home into a splendid one!


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