9 Decor Ideas to Upgrade your Rental Apartment

9 Decor Ideas to Upgrade your Rental Apartment

Have you moved in recently? And looking out for ways to decorate the apartment? Then you have stumbled upon the right post. Here you will find home decor ideas that you could try right away to upgrade the rental apartment in style.

Curtains As The Wall Accent

With the availability of curtains and drapes in various patterns and designs, one could easily upgrade the rental apartment in style! Since most homeowners don't like the idea of getting their walls of the homes tampered, curtain is the only way, you could accentuate a wall.

Try to include two different pairs of curtains. Such as combining the sheer curtains with curtains that have patterns. But make sure to replicate the colors on other accessories around the space as well.

This will help you to take right decision Window Covering Dilemma - Blinds vs. Curtain

Bedroom Curtain Design

Photo by Musso Design Group - Search bedroom design ideas

Focus On Furniture

Be it any room, from living rooms to bedrooms, you need to focus entirely on the fabric or the upholstery. Since you cannot do much with the walls, you are left with the option to reupholstering your own furniture set, if required. The point is to create a color palette that compliments each and every prop.

We recommend opting for sofas with no patterns and designs as it would blend in perfectly with the dramatic rugs and the cushions.

Here, we share a beautiful design inspiration on Add Charm To Your Home With Different Style Of Furniture

Living Room dramatic rug design

Accent Furniture

Make sure to include one accent furniture, be it an armchair,  a console table, a hutch cabinet or a home bar unit. As including one would help you in creating a focal point that would just make the space look fab!

Accent Furniture at Foyer Entry

Mirror As Decor Accessories

Usually, walls are where focal point is created. But when you are left with no options, Mirrors would work like wonders! All you need to do is place home decor accessories like a huge vase or a floor lamp right next to an accent chair and the focal point is all set!

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Living Room Mirror add on

Rugs In Interiors

Since the rented apartment just have the basics, ie the standard paint and tiles in a neutral color palette. It is the right time to put the bold and the beautiful rugs in use!  Try to bring in a rug or a carpet, that can be easily coordinated with the furniture such as the sofa or the armchair. The key is to opt for a rug or a carpet that has at least two colors from the color palette being used around.

Living Room Rug Design

Photo by Domiteaux Architects - Search living room pictures

Light Fixtures

Light fixtures are available in varieties, be it the elegant chandeliers, pendant lights, wall sconces. Hence make sure to include these modern light fixtures instead of the ordinary ones! It would definitely transform any space in minutes and give the space a dramatic effect right away!

This will surely help while setting up a Rented Apartment Expert Hacks To Maximize Natural Light From Windows

Dining Room with Modern Light Fixture

Photo by Out of the Woods Inc.- Window & Door Specialists - More dining room photos

Indoor Plants

Decorate Your Home With More Green Plants is also one of the ways to uplift the home decor instantly. You just need to place it strategically, to make the home look at its best!

Add Indoor Plants in Interiors

Photo by - More dining room photos

Cushion Or Throw Pillows

Home is where comfort is! So why not include kinds of stuff that exhibits comfort. Adding in colorful cushions that blends in well with the rugs as well as the curtains, would provide you with a well-coordinated space that also provides you with a space of comfort that would ease you down when you come crashing after a tiring day.

Colorful Cushions and Throw Pillows in Living Room

Photo by Nitin Goyal London - Search living room design ideas

Home Decor Accessories

Once you have set up everything, and still feel an emptiness, this is when decor accessories like the table fountains, flower vases, artifacts, aquarium, along with floor lamps,  table lamps, ottomans need to be included.

Photo by Aquatic Interiors Unlimited INC - More living room photos

Try out all these 9 decor ideas, as these will definitely turn your rental apartment into a fab space that exhibits your style and personality in a splendid way.

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And an example of one such video uploaded on our Youtube channel


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