10 Things you must have in a Modern Kitchen

10 Things you Must Have in a Modern Kitchen

Updated on 2019-11-18

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When it comes to modern kitchen design, various factors both focusing on functionality and aesthetics need to be considered such as space management, kitchen cabinet organization, kitchen traffic flow, kitchen colors and schemes, and so on.

And one among these factors is the ‘’ must-have things’’ in the modern kitchen. And here I am listing out 10 such must-haves which would instantly turn any kitchen into a fab functional contemporary kitchen.

Double-Bowl Sink - Kitchen Sink Types and Style

If the budget, as well as the kitchen space, allows then it would be a good idea to opt for the double bowl kitchen sinks as it frees up the kitchen counter space and at the same time helps while multitasking between rinsing dishes and cleaning vegetables or fruits.

Kitchen Sink Types and Style

Photo by Claudia Martin, ASID - Search kitchen pictures

Fitted Kitchens - Pull-Out Kitchen Pantry

Most of the kitchens do have space that’s deep yet not wide enough and this is when the pull out units come to rescue. For instance, a space between the kitchen counter and the refrigerator can be used for building a pull-out pantry. As the things stored will be easily viewable from both sides as well as make the accessibility easy. Hence, as per the space availability, one could customize the unit by adding fitted spice racks, baskets for fruits and vegetables, wine holders and so on.

Download Pantry In A Niche

Pull-Out Kitchen Pantry

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Say Yes To Kitchen Drawers- Keep your Kitchen Organized

Opting for kitchen drawers on under cabinets will make the process of keeping things organized easier. Moreover, it will save your time from digging inside deep cabinets, for the smallest of the kitchen accessories.

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Kitchen Drawers- Keep your Kitchen Organized

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Under Cabinet Lighting- Brighten Up your Kitchen

Good quality under cabinet lighting is an absolute necessity as it helps in both lightening and brightening up the kitchen. It not only looks aesthetically pleasing but also acts as a task light, during the preparation of meal or clean up.

Under Cabinet Kitchen Lighting

Add Different Types of Lights- An Ultimate Kitchen Decor

Adding different types of lights is essential in a kitchen. For instance, recessed ceiling light fixtures for the low ceiling level along with pendant light fixtures on the raised ceiling level would act as an accent.

You must check out this 7 Kitchen Light Fixtures that create a Style Statement

Kitchen Lighting Decor

Opt For Durable, Low-Maintenance Kitchen Flooring

When it comes to the flooring material, opt for kitchen flooring that's durable and at the same time doesn’t demand high maintenance.

Kitchen Floor

Backsplash As The Focal Point

Make sure to opt for kitchen backsplash that not only can take a lot of heat, but also works as the center of attraction. Even opting for plain metal sheet or glass as the backsplash, would be good as it is easy to clean and looks sleek as well.

Wonderful kitchen Backsplash

Kitchen Herb Counter In Your Dream Kitchen

What can be better than growing herbs right in the kitchen! The greenery will surely freshen and liven up the kitchen instantly. Moreover, you can grow fresh herbs anywhere, be it on the kitchen window. All you need is a sunny spot that allows them to grow.

Download Modular Kitchen Design detail

Plants in Kitchen

Relocate Kitchen Electrical Appliances- Make them Organized

It's been observed that most of them place their oven in the lower cabinet. And in such cases, it is time to relocate kitchen electrical appliances such as the oven to eye level. A built-in unit with oven looks aesthetically pleasing but at the same time makes transferring hot dishes to the table or cleaning easier.

Kitchen Electrical Appliances

Sleek Cabinet Hardware - Modern Kitchen Cabinet Design

Opt for straight and sleek hardware for the modern kitchen. For instance, opt for Italian kitchen design. This would give the kitchen cabinets a makeover and make it look modern at the same time.

Sleek Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

Make sure to include these 10 must-have to make your beautiful kitchens more functional and stylish!

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