Give your Dull Bedroom a Boost with these Design Tips

Give your Dull Bedroom a Boost with these Design Tips

Have you contemplated why interior designers are able to bring in drastic changes within the same dull spaces as quickly as a flash? This is because they exactly know what it takes to convert a cold, dull space into a warm, welcoming one that shouts our comfort!

And even when it comes to bedrooms, the basic principles of home decor remains the same, all you need to do is look beyond the bedroom furniture. As the furniture would provide you with space for everything, but it is the decor that could give the bedroom layout an instant uplift.

Here, I am listing out various such bedroom designing tips, that you homeowners, could try out all by yourself, to give your bedroom an instant boost that was lacking. In the dull bedroom.

Highlight One Wall - Create A Accent Wall

The walls of any room need to be considered as a blank canvas that needs to be focused on as well. As it is the accent wall, that would bind the overall room together! Be it the simple addition of photo frames, wall art, wall stickers to the installation of paint such as texture paint, paint in bold colors,  wallpaper or wall panels. These wall decor ideas do bring a dramatic difference!

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Highlight One Furniture - Bedroom Design Tips

It is equally important to highlight one furniture. As a piece of accent furniture helps in creating designs evolving around it, that would bring in amazing results. For instance, you may place an armchair next to the window, that is draped with flowy curtains and place a coffee table next to it with a few books. And complete the look with a fur rug and a floor lamp. Here the elegant armchair acts as the accent chair. Similarly, you could bring the focus on any furniture within the bedroom like the bay window with storage under, dresser with elegant mirror and so on.

Focus On The Window - Adorn It With The Curtains, Drapes Or Blinds

Many times, It has been found that the window opening is least prioritized, rather completely ignored. And it is definitely time to change the outdated window coverings! But there are three factors that need to be considered while choosing the window covering:

  1. Is it for aesthetic purpose or to block lights? Or both

  2. You need to know what would suit your bedroom design the best? Is it the curtains? The drapes? Or the blinds?

  3. The color, the texture and the patterns on the window covering.

It is always a good idea to combine sheer curtains with curtains that are capable to block lights. The addition of both would provide you with an option to switch between both as per your requirement that would directly give a boost to the aesthetic factor as well as the comfort factor. Similarly, it is equally important to pay attention to the material of the fabrics, the texture, the colors and the patterns.

Just in case, if you are not sure about what colors and patterns to choose from, it is recommended to stick with pale neutral shade from the bedroom color palette. And as far as patterns are concerned, opt for curtains with subtle patterns, rather than one with bold prints. Even opting for blinds would give the bedroom a trendy yet minimalist appealing look.

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Other Soft Furnishing - Rug, Cushions- Bedroom Design Tips

Home decor is incomplete unless the house gets the feel of a home, And that's when soft furnishing comes in action. Basically, soft furnishings include fabrics that are used to further enhance the décor such as rugs, throw pillows, bedding, curtains, cushions, quilts, and so on.

The soft furnishing exhibits warmth and comfort, and are the ’’ must-have’’ props, especially when it comes to bedroom designing. It also includes any fabric furniture that has been padded and upholstered, to give it a soft look. Moreover, soft furnishings helps in converting any ordinary furniture into an elegant one and you don't have to end up buying costly furniture, Yes, soft furniture is definitely a quick fix to your problem.

Choose Right Bedroom Lighting

Pay attention to lighting, both on direct and indirect lighting techniques. Good lighting can bring in a lot of difference and give the dull bedroom an instant boost. So in case if you feel your bedroom is lacking something, it would be the right time to replace the shade or replace the light fixture all-together. Even make sure to maximize natural light. Lights really do make a difference!

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Try all these design tips out to get the best out of your bedroom. These bedroom ideas will surely make your bedroom look fab.

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And an example of one such video uploaded on our Youtube channel


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