Using Typography for Interior Design

published On Jul 14 2016

Using Typography for Interior Design

Modern Typography is extremely powerful with no rules defining its many facets. Apart from it’s typical traditional uses, it is thus being used these days for unique pieces and has become a golden tool for interior designers. However, the best part is, you don’t need a professional designer for this cool trendy stuff. Just take a great font, write your favorite quote, and you are good. What? Font? Yeah, you read it correctly, and if it’s a script font, even better. Confused? Well, let’s start then. We’re going to use Keynote today, but you could use any application, Microsoft Powerpoint maybe. Now let’s decide the size of our artwork. I think A4 size would be good to start with, but of course that would be your decision. We need great quality for our print, 300 ppi is going to be good enough, so our dimensions should be about 2500 * 3500. Let’s start Keynote. I have chosen Parchment Template, however, you could even go with blank. In fact, black and white art would look quite amazing on say, a whitewashed clean wall. Or you could select a nice picture. It could be scenic, or your own picture with loved ones. Coming back to this one, let’s change the resolution to 2500 * 3500. In order to do that, we select the document panel (Top right, button with a ‘rectangle’ icon) Click on Slide size drop down, and click on custom slide size. We’ll put the desired dimension in here, and hit enter. (The orientation will change from landscape to portrait.) Time to select that terrific quote. How about something which signifies importance of time? The theme has such a worn out old paper look, a heavy duty time quote is exactly what we need for this one. So I have created one. (I wasn’t able to find something I liked on the Internet, so I thought, why not?) “Time is precious. Moments are like little pearls. The best garland the pearls of moments can create is -- Beautiful Memories.” It is slightly incomplete*. But enough for this purpose. (*For the complete quote, you will have to visit my FB Timeline ;) ) So we’ll copy and paste this quote on our Keynote slide, after deleting the title and the subtitle. The text appears too tiny for me. So I click the Brush icon button from top right to go to the Format Panel, and change the size to 40 for now. Select the text box and bring it to the center. Now comes the fun part. Selecting our font or multiple fonts if you would like a more complex piece of Typography adorning your wall. Modern fonts are so beautiful and provide such amazing alternates, a layman would be easily fooled that it is handcrafted art, or at least not a regular font but customized Typography, especially if you use calligraphic script fonts. We’ll use one today. My favorite foundry these days is They are continuously launching amazing bundles, I’m sure they are luring a lot of designers. So I’m using a font which I got in a bundle I purchased at FontBundles. It is called Hysteria Santa. After a little rearrangement, this is how my slide is looking. To access the alternate Glyphs, I’ve opened Font Book. We will need to copy and paste some alternate characters, swirls and ligatures. After editing it to my heart’s content, here’s what the final image looks like. Remember, Keynote has its limitations and if you use a slightly more sophisticate program than our good old Presentation purpose Keynote here, you can do even more complex modifications to your very own, very personal piece of art. It could be either Adobe Illustrator, or the free and open source Inkscape. After you have got a print of your art, you could frame it, or do some impressive DIY stuff, like attaching two pieces of wood, one at the top and one at the bottom. Your art piece is ready to be shown off.

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