Steps To Design A Modern, Elegant Bedroom

Steps To Design A Modern, Elegant Bedroom

Updated on 2021-01-03

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A bedroom is that corner of the home that we love to reach out to, after a tiring day of work. And who wouldn’t love to have a room as comforting as the ones that they get to see on home decor websites? - to snuggle and doze off! Well, all thanks to the gaining popularity of online interior design service, it had actually made homeowner think over the space they own and sort of increased the craving in them, to get the best for their homes.

And since bedrooms is that part of the home, that lets one relax and unwind themselves, why not pamper this corner of the home's for it to function more efficiently. And here I am listing out all that it takes to create a comfy modern bedroom, that you dream to own.

Start With The Basics

Be it a small bedroom or a large bedroom, consider the size of the bedroom layout. From the placement of doors to windows, each point needs to be paid attention on for planning out bedroom furniture placements.

Do You Have A Balcony Attached To The Bedroom?

The next point is to consider the opening other than the bedroom door that leads you in and out of the room. See how you could utilize the opening. If you are lucky enough to have a balcony attached to the master bedroom make sure to add a small balcony garden which you could adorn further with balcony light fixtures, balcony furniture such as hanging chairs and further enhance with the use of indirect lighting techniques. The point is to utilize this corner of the bedroom as a place to relax rather than as a dumping corner. Moreover, adorning these corners well will also let more natural light and fresh air in.

A Window Opening

No matter whether you have a small bedroom window or a french window, you got to adorn it to make the bedroom look cozy. You may add in seating with storage if you have a french window and enhance it further by adding curtains along with fairy lights.

Another way to accentuate the window, rather a small window is by adding flowy sheer curtains and placing an accent chair next to it. You may team it along with a floor lamp and a tiny book unit to complete the look. These bedroom decor ideas would definitely turn a simple bedroom corner into an interesting one.

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The Bed

While choosing a bed, make sure to measure the area where you wish to place the bed. And the other thing that needs to be considered is the bedroom theme. Opt for a bed that suits your bedroom theme, same goes while deciding with the color as well. And in the case of a small bedroom design, make sure to only opt for a bed with storage space.

Highlight The Wall Behind The Bed

Do make sure to highlight the wall behind the bed as this would just enhance the overall look of the room but at the same time should bind the design together. For instance, one could opt for a large abstract wall decor art and hung it on the wall behind the bed and team it along with a floor rug with similar abstract colors for creating a balance. Similarly opting for wallpaper and replicating the pattern and textures on throw pillows would work as well.

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Wardrobe And Dresser

The bedroom space would just look incomplete without the addition of a dresser along with a wardrobe. It is always better to opt for a customized wardrobe rather than a ready-made one. As the customized version would fit your bedroom space perfectly as well as you are free to choose the number of drawers and rack according to your preferences. Similarly, you get the option of further customize it by adding in closet lights. Moreover, the customized wardrobes and dressers let one play with various color themes that would perfectly go well within the bedroom color scheme.

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The Role Of Lighting - Bedroom Lighting

Light plays a vital part role in interior design and when it comes to bedroom lighting make sure to include both direct and indirect lights that could be dimmed. Including both sorts of lighting enhances the overall bedroom design and uplifts the bedroom instantly.

Do incorporate these 7 tips to create a fab bedroom of your own.

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And an example of one such video uploaded on our Youtube channel


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