Sensational Romantic Bedroom Ideas for Couple

Sensational Romantic Bedroom Ideas for Couple

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A bedroom is one of the most intimate spaces in a residence, therefore it points out the need for sensational romantic decor, when subject to use by couples. Every person sees and experiences romance in a different light. One can impart a romantic feel to their bedroom by incorporating a few sensational ideas while decorating their room. As there are various factors when it comes to the decor that can spice up the mood or spoil it, it is essential to keep one’s personal choices and preferences in mind. If there is a conflict of tastes between the couple, then one can even opt for a combination that caters to the choices of both the individuals. The following article throws light upon 11 sensational romantic ideas for the decor of a bedroom for a couple –

Light it Right- Romantic Bedroom Mood Lighting 

Light is an imperative factor to consider when it comes to romantic bedrooms. One should opt for nice mood lighting to light up the room, which sparks the romance in the couple. The most elemental soft and warm lighting can be used to achieve the requisite mood lighting in a room for a romantic setting. It is important to have an adequately lit room. Therefore, one should consider harnessing the natural light to let in the soft light at dawn and dusk; as well as go in for nice lighting fixtures to create the desired ambiance.

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Romantic Bedroom Mood Lighting

Try the Charm of Canopy Beds- Feel of a Romantic Bedroom

To embrace the romantic feel in a bedroom, give a thumbs-up to the canopy beds. The flowing curtains along the bed, accentuate the feeling of intimacy. This is one of the ideas to add in the sensuous factor to a bedroom for couples. The curtains could be done up in chiffon, silk or any soft fabric with a nice fall. One can add in fairy lights to enhance the feeling of the magical world of romance. If a person is not a fan of curtains around their bed, they can opt for poster beds. The poster beds also give a feel of the enclosure and give the flexibility of putting up the curtains as and when needed. Go ahead and try the charm of these beds out.   

Here is a beautiful example of Stylish Curtain Canopy Beds to Make Your Bedroom Look Dreamy

Romantic bedroom Canopy beds

Colour Scheme- Romantic Bedroom Colour Combination

The colour scheme is quite an essential component to have a romantic vibe going. It should be a balanced palette for the bedroom. One should go in for subtle and neutral shades and refrain from using dark shades. The use of dark shades reduces the size of the room psychologically, while, a room done in lighter tones appears to be a vast space. The feel of a vast space is as imperative as the aesthetics of the space in a romantic space. The vastness equates to the sensuousness of the room. If there is a certain colour that the couple likes and agrees upon, then it should be used as accents in the room or to do up a feature wall. The contrast created in the room instills a harmonious feel to the room.

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Romantic Bedroom Colour Combination

The Playful and Opaque Drapes

The drapes tend to create a certain level of drama in the space. The texture, colour, pattern and transparency all contribute to the character that the curtains impart to a room. For a sensual and romantic bedroom, one should go in for darker shades with sheers behind them. Darker shades should be preferred to conceal the daylight into the room to allow for a cozy feel even during the daytime. While one can take advantage of staying in bed longer than usual, the curtains aid in shutting out the world for the exact time you want.

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Bedroom Opaque Drapes

Carve Out that ‘Snuggle-Corner’- A Romantic Cozy Nook

While a bed is important in a bedroom, it is essential to carve out a snuggle-corner in your bedroom to impart romance to it. The snuggle-corner is a cozy nook that can be fashioned using seating adjacent to a window or a corner, with or without an ottoman, a nice accent light and some nice throws and cute pillows for the feel. The corner can serve as a reading or a coffee nook as well. The perfect corner for romantic foreplay for a couple. The snuggle-corner in your bedroom wood aid in spicing up the romance.

Bedroom Romantic Cozy Nook

Rugs at their Best

For a sensational romantic idea for a couple’s bedroom, one should try adding an elegant rug to the space. Try out placing the rug in various relations with the bed to come to your perfect combinations. If the room has wooden flooring or the place is in a comparatively dust-free zone, one can try extending the rug to the maximum floor area of the room. Also, go in for materials that are soft for your carpet. The kind of material of the rug selected determines to quite an extent the feel of the space. The rug should be inviting and should aid in adding apt dynamism to the space. 

Bedroom Rugs

The Magic of Texture

For a sensational romantic bedroom, one should incorporate more soft and sensuous fabrics for headboards. Fabrics such as velvet and silk have a nice tactile quality and are therefore associated with romance. The soft-touch of the fabrics can help in creating an oomph in the bedroom. Apart from the tactile quality, these fabrics impart elegance and zing up the visual experience of the space. The headboards can be done up with a nice patterned fabric or can follow a pattern created using buttons and artificial jewels, of which the diamond pattern is a part of the fad. The padded headboards help in providing a comfortable head and backrest while a person is in bed. 

Furnishing is actually can make or break the complete interior. read out here and choose the best with When Furnishing Changes the Look of your Bedroom

Romantic bedroom Furnishing Idea

Dynamism of Wallpapers- Bedroom Accent Wall

It is a good idea to add romantic dynamism with the help of wallpapers to your bedroom. One should be careful to choose a wallpaper that adds in the required depth, dimension and colour to the bedroom in a subtle format. A wallpaper can contribute in making or breaking the romantic feel of a bedroom. The couple should prefer adding a floral or subtle abstract for the wallpaper, which stimulates the romantic feel in the bedroom and refrain from adding wild and voracious prints.

Here are some Beautiful Examples Of Bedroom Accent Walls To Look Awesome

Bedroom Wallpaper Accent Wall Ideas

The ‘Less is More’ Approach – Don’t let the Eye Wander

One of the principal approaches to keep in mind while designing for a romantic abode for a couple is ‘Less is More’. One should try to go ‘Less’ on elements and ‘More’ on the experiential value. One should try to have a minimum of distractions in the form of violent pictures, unnecessary furniture, overpowering fixtures and prints, so on and so forth; and adopt a simple and sophisticated décor, which is an out way of crafting experience for the couple. This is one of the thumb rules to adopt while delivering a sensational romantic bedroom for a couple. In a nutshell, do not have elements to an extent that the eye wanders too much thus affecting the romance.

Romantic Bedroom Decor Ideas

The Language of Luxury- Luxurious Bedroom Decoration

Even if there is a pinch of luxury in the selection of elements for your romantic bedroom, it plays its part magically. Have luxurious and sophisticated beddings to enhance the romantic feel in your bedroom. Go in for a little sensuous and nice fabrics for your beddings, pillows and cushions. Even a single piece of a luxurious couch can balance the entire mood of the room. So be casual yet sophisticated, simple yet luxurious, while selecting and designing the elements for a romantic bedroom. One should not try to overdo the language. Go ahead, be practical, plan luxurious, and have a romantic fantasyland of your own!

Luxurious Bedroom Decoration

Down the Memory Lane- Romantic Bedroom Decor Ideas

To create a sensational romantic bedroom for couples, one of the most simple yet effective ideas is to dedicate a wall to your memories. There is nothing like the memories to spark the romance in a bedroom. Have the choicest of photographs pinned up to a wall that harnesses most of your attention the entire time. Add the charm of your favorite memories in your bedroom and voila, a bedroom with enchanting and romantic memories awaits to be part of more such beautiful memories. 

Romantic Bedroom Decor Ideas

One of the most private rooms in a residence is a bedroom. When it comes to decorating a bedroom for a couple, then the space should resonate with words like sensuous and romantic. Though it should resonate, sensuousness and intimacy should be incorporated in the interiors in a balanced and sophisticated way. The article explicates some ways in which one can plan a romantic bedroom for couples. These are broad suggestions that could be taken forward, but, the taste and choice of things in a bedroom solely depends on the personal choice of the occupants (couple). Go in for things that both the partners agree with. To vivify the mood and experiences, one can opt for momentary aids such as candle lighting and aromatic diffusers. One can discover their combinations to decorate their sanctuary of romance.

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And an example of a Bedroom Decor video uploaded to our Youtube channel


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