A Comparative Analysis Between Modern, Contemporary and Traditional Furniture

published On Jul 06 2014

A Comparative Analysis Between Modern, Contemporary and Traditional Furniture

Every piece of furniture has got some specific use and it is the place where one can put the best effort to bring out the result of his or her creativity.

Contemporary and Greenwood design

Eclecticism and contrasting the style of the furniture design can be the best possible way to enhance the interior beauty of the house while it is combined with contemporary furniture pattern. From furniture to accessories people always try to find something those posses with a strong view of personal style. The contemporary furniture does not steal the casual living of yours as it goes very smooth and easy with the home décor and gives something extra for pleasure living.

The shape, size, color, texture, pattern and quality are basic things those are very important and one needs to be very careful while buying the contemporary furniture. The furniture you are selecting must complement the space otherwise, it would be something of no use.

Recycled wood usually comes from most of the wood products. Those tend to be famous before the bamboo and cork became a great choice. It is best to walk on the green hardwood. It further leads to a great outlook for the mood and feel of home interiors. It can be stated as a work of art. This stares at a person from the furniture as compared from the walls.

Image credit: Blackbird Interiors

How to select right contemporary furniture?

  • Style: the style of the furniture is something that matters. The furniture design must carry a style statement which is simple but unique.
  • Space: space is one of the most important factors while decorating a home with furniture along with need and comfort. You need to buy the furniture that goes with perfect match in the space.
  • Colors: colors create contrast. Just make sure that the furniture you are buying, the design of the furniture along with the color is complementing the space and creating a good contrast with the wall and floor.
  • Pattern: an abstract pattern is a basic preference for the contemporary furniture design. It provides the uniqueness easily that one look for.

Modern Capability design

Modern furniture design is one of the basic choices for the present day families. It encourages big-time family values, home décor, and family entertainment and helps a lot to people to connect. The modern furniture design has dug deep for the special occasion décor. It has the capabilities to bring completeness in the formal party decoration which is very important in the corporate occasions. The modern furniture has not left yet the wooden furniture concept. Light woods like Oak, cherry, birch are very popular for modern furniture.

Stressless by Ekornes - Chairs, Recliners & Sofas Imported from Norway

Traditional Durable touch

Though the modern and contemporary design of the furniture has gained the pick of the popularity the heritage of the traditional furniture design has not gone down a scale. The traditional old heavy wooden designs are very popular these days and effectively used in special occasion as a theme.

Image credit: Christopher Derrick

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