About Us

PlannDesign is the revolutionary online free service which gives users the power to download and share, view, discover Interior Designer's creative work. PlannDesign, established in 2013, is like a library of creative work like AutoCad drawing files, 3D designs, images etc. Users can download a variety of work which can be used in Engineering, Architecture, Design, building, commercial or residential etc. The list is endless.

PlannDesign has over 5000+ drawing files grouped into over 20+ categories. PlannDesign offers free files, which can be used at many places, and most complex drawings do fall into paid category. PlannDesign offer a vast variety collection of free resources and we have various subscription/membership plans, which unlocks its widest selection of premium content. You must register yourself to get benefited for the services.

What makes PlannDesign unique and powerful ?

Unlike some of the similar services, when you register with PlannDesign, you get few premium points. And, you can add more premium points by uploading your work. Users can use their points either to encash them, or buy other premium services offered by PlannDesign. Users can even sell their work from this portal.

Users can create their portfolio, and share them. Show them to the world, and become known. Help someone in the community, and earn points. You can even offer your services for free, and can get work directly through PlannDesign.

Be knowledgeable

PlannDesign has a articles(www.planndesign.com/articles) section which contain very helpful articles, tutorials, hands-on which can help you a lot. You can submit your articles to us, and can earn points. Share knowldege, and be a Guru in the community.

Team PlannDesign

PlannDesign is run by a young team of talented geeks. The top management consists of healthy experience in the field over more than 10 years. And, now spending time in maintaining this website. Some young creative people are also associated with us. The team always keep update on new things happening in the market, and is very eager to showcase their talent.

So, be a part of PlanNDesign, showcase your work, and let the world know about you. Show the real designer within you