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PlannDesign is the revolutionary online free service which gives users the power to download and share, view, discover Architects and Interior Designer's creative work. PlannDesign, established in 2015, is like a library of creative work like AutoCad drawing files, 3D designs, Photoshop work, images etc. Users can download a variety of work which can be used in different projects of Engineering, Architecture, Interior Design, Building Design, Services, Landscaping Design etc. The list is endless.
PlannDesign has got good numbers of drawing files grouped into over 80+ categories. PlannDesign offers free files, which can be used at many places, and most complex drawings do fall into paid category. PlannDesign offer a vast variety collection of free resources and we have various subscription/membership plans, which unlocks its widest selection of premium content. You must register yourself to get benefited for the services.
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All the residential related drawings will here. Example: Apartments, Flats, Villas, bedroom, Kids room, Puja room, study room, family lounge etc


This will have drawings related to Commercials like Auditorium, banks, saloon, business center, exhibition, offices, shops etc


It will have drawings for hospitality section like Bar, Casino, Food courts, gyms, fitness zone, guest house, hotels, resorts, restaurant, spa etc


This will be having drawings for Retail outlets like Shopping malls, shopping complex, departmental stores, super markets

Health Care

This will categorize drawings for clinics, health centers, hospital, labs, patient rooms, pharmacy chemists etc


This includes drawings for Industrial areas like factories, gas plants, petrol pumps, power plant, ware house etc


This area will have drawings for Coaching centers, tuition centers, schools, colleges, hostels etc

Religious Building

Religious Buildings will have drawings for Ashrams, Temples, church Mosque, Gurdwara etc

Transportation and Infrastructure

For drawings, suggestions in categories like Airport, Bus terminals etc


This section will have drawings for fountains, landscape details, Parks, gardens, terrace gardens, swimming pools

Wet Areas

The drawings for areas like Kitchen, Pantry, Laundry, washrooms, toilets, restrooms

Furniture Fittings and Equipments

The category will have drawings for areas like Bar, Bed, center table, dining table, furnitures, tables, sofa sets, TV units, vanities, mirrors etc

Engineering or Building Services

This section will include drawings for services like CCTV panel, electrical, fire fighting, HVAC, plumbing, staircases etc


Blocks will have drawings for Animals, appliances, equipment, designers patterns, motifs, furniture, logo, parks, vehicle

Standard Designs

This will have drawings for designs like bridge, dome, boundary walls, railing, gates, doors, windows, curtains, feature walls, panellings, Jaali designs, Lift lobby designs

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Articles Abstract

A lot of people often find it hard to spot the perfect piece of furniture that will rev up the beauty of the place. Do you get confused regarding which type of furniture is likely to look good? The...
  Lighting or illumination plays a very important role in interiors designing. Whether it’s a living room, kitchen, lounge, seating area, study, work place, entertainment area, resting areas...
The facade part or the exterior part of your building is considered quiet important as this is the prime ethical part that adds that touch of charm or spark to your building in every good manner. So...
  Auto CAD, is a revolutionized software that unleashes the normal boundaries of any other 3D modeling software. This software mainly brings up our imagination to profound 3D structures. From...
Hotels are all around you, but finding the right one that fulfils your needs and that makes you feel at home is a big challenge. People stay inhotels as their temporary abode. Though it’s for a short...


Vision Panel and Sliding Door

It has got the details of two types of door. One is Glazed vision panel flush door designed in veneer and stainless steel finish with groove detail and another is wooden flush sliding pocket door...

SS Base Table

Square Table size 900x900 mm. design with stone top and stainless steel base, suitable for Cafeteria, Food court, Restaurant, waiting area etc. Showing plan, elevation and table top fixing detail...

Staircase Detail of Eight Floor

Staircase detail of a 8 storey building, showing plan and section.

Pillar Design and Detail

Cemented Pillar elevation with concrete moulding design and crown blow up detail.

Glass and Wooden Door

It has got the details of two types of door. One is Double shutter Wooden framed Glass Door with customised Wooden Handle and another is Single shutter Glass Pivot Door. Showing complete detail...

Living Room Hall Layout Plan

Presenting layout plan of a modern Drawing Room/Living Room/Hall. It has got quite a spacious layout with 8 seater Dining Table, Crockery Unit, Sofa set, TV unit cum display unit, Lift, Staircase...

Mirror and Light 3d

3d view of a picture light and 2 wooden framed mirror.

Room Divider Feature Element

A well designed screen/feature element made in solid wood and metal clips. Here solid wood planks has been joined with randomly placed metal clip. Drawing contains complete working drawing with...

Staff Working Room Design

An office room has got 5 working desk with overhead storage for their staff to work on. Drawing shows the complete working drawing deatil with furniture fixing blow up details.

Banquette Sofa Seating

Banquette Sofa Seating/ Restaurant fixed sofa seating with armrest, high and wing back, showing details of different size sofa with its sectional and fabrication details.

Railing Designs Iron and RCC (2)

3 designer Railing designs with RCC and Iron Grill for residential projects.

Residence Designer false Ceiling

Residence Floor Plan having Large Master bedroom, Master Toilet, Lounge and Double Height Living room on Lower floor. It has elegant designs of designer False Ceiling and their sectional detail...

Executive Desk

Executive Desk working drawing, showing complete fabrication detail with material specification.

Ladies and Gents Public toilet working drawing

Working Drawing of Ladies and Gents Public Toilet. Showing complete details like layout, Flooring, RCP, All Wall elevations, Urinal Partition, Tile Starting Point, Section through Indian WC,...

Contemporary Design Boundary Wall

A contemporary style Boundary wall designed in cemented grooves and randomly placed M.S. grill design. showing complete working drawing detail.

Hot Buffet Table

A contemporary Design Hot Buffet Table (size 1700x600x850H mm) of a 5 star hotel designed in S.S., Veneer, Stone and Drop in induction stone top for keeping the stuff warm. Also having a niche in...

RCP, HVAC and Sections of Different Bedrooms

Furniture Layout, RCP (Reflected Ceiling Plan) and RCP Sections of different Bedrooms.

Office Furniture Layout

Office Furniture Layout having 1 Meeting Room, 2 Large Cabins,5 Small Cabins, 12 Workstations, Storage Area, Waiting Area, Toilet, Pantry etc.

Flowery Motif Design

Floral motif design can be used for glass etching design, MDF Jaali, Inlay etc.

Historical Pillar

Traditional cemented Pillar having motif and jaali design, suitable for Temple, Fort, Palaces, Mosque, Gurudwara, Historical Gates etc.

Master Bath Layout and Electrical

Master Toilet layout having Washbasin, Bathtub, WC Including separate Shower and steam cubicle. Showing layout and RCP design.

Coffee Table Design

A square shape modern Center/Coffee Table showing its Plan, Elevation and Section.

Wall Hung WC with Flush valve detail

Construction Detail of Wall hung Water Closet with Flush valve. Showing Plan, Elevation and sectional plumbing details of connecting pipes like soil pipe, Flush Pipe etc.


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Top 50 modern and contemporary Bedroom Interior Design Ideas

Are you looking for your Bedroom makeover???
This is the video which contains budget friendly modern and contemporary Bedroom Interior Design Ideas. You will find excellent colour scheme,...

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Enhance your Interiors by Modern Book shelf designs

Designer Book shelves which will brighten up your Interiors by just arranging books in perfect style!! You will see 38 designs in different sizes as per your need and customization.
So what...

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Top 48 design ideas of Lavish, Modern, Luxurious Living Room Interiors

Living Area, a place for relaxing and socializing, leaves first impression when someone enter in your house. It should be well designed, organized with decent interiors. Here you will find the...

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Top ideas of Interior Design Feature Wall, Wall Element...Designer collection

Here you will find innovative design ideas for designer feature wall, Partition design, Walls with lighting effect etc.

Have a look and design your project in a designer way....


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Top most Interior Wardrobes Design Ideas, Photo Gallery, Sliding Wardrobes, Designer Shutter options

Here you will find elegant wardrobe designs suitable for Bedrooms, Dressing Room, Walk in closet etc.
Wardrobe makes a lot of difference while you design them for organizing your clothes,...

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Feature Wall/Screen Designed in MDF Jaali pattern

Here you will find the detail design of a Feature Wall/Screen…
We are showing through Autocad Drawing File…
Such a beautiful element designed in MDF Jali pattern fixed up randomly as...

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Multi Storey Staircase Design

Here you will find the detail about Staircase Design of a Multi Storey Building. We are showing through autocad drawing file.
Drawing has been detailed out with all floor layout plan and...

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Corporate Office Interiors

Here you will find the way of designing Corporate Office…

We are showing through autocad drawing file like How to design Corporate Office, What are the requirements and How we utilize the...